NYC Pride doesn’t happen without your help and the help of people like you. That’s why Heritage of Pride offers many different opportunities for individual and organizational participation. Whether you’d like to volunteer your time to help work an event or if you’re a business or nonprofit that wants to show your support, we need you.

Don’t just celebrate NYC Pride — be a part of it!

Become one of our hundreds of volunteers who help make these events possible. You’ll meet new friends and discover a sense of community and belonging that is the true spirit of Pride. Volunteer today!

  • Community Relations Committee

    As an organization that relies deeply on volunteers, we understand the impact this kind of commitment can make. Pride comes once a year, but our membership's thirst for service and engagement is ongoing. We make a concerted effort to reach out to local community organizations to see what we can do to help them achieve their missions and goals.

  • Volunteer Calendar

    Whether it’s a shift at a local food kitchen or a trip to a neighboring Pride celebration, our NYC Pride family is committed to serving the broader community in any way we can.